From setting the preferred temperature, dosage, water quantity, and taste, to the actual dispensing and training for its proper usage, we can work out the kinks in your equipment and help you calibrate the dials for them to work to your advantage.


Manila Coffee Gear carries machines from three of the world’s most trusted coffee equipment brands. We also stock & warehouse their spare parts and those from other commercial brands & manufacturers.




Any innovative product is preceded by

the development of new concepts, technologies & design.

A pioneer in the field of automatic espresso/coffee machines, JURA has been a main contributor to the household appliance sector since the middle of the 1980s. The traditional Swiss brand is known for its experience & know-how in the development of semi-professional appliances for the office & foodservice sector.

Every day at JURA, a team of highly qualified product developers, engineers, designers and marketing specialists search for answers to a single question: what will espresso and coffee machines look like in the future?

For small, medium and high demand, WMF offers performance you can handle

WMF is the leading international manufacturer of fully automatic commercial coffee machines. Every WMF coffee system is unique in itself and a specialist for meeting individual needs.

To this date all of the WMF coffee machines are being manufactured in Geislingen and can therefore pride themselves on being MADE IN GERMANY.


Bridging the gap between tried and true

professional technology and state-of-the-art engineering.

Profitec GmbH was founded in 1985 and has specialized in the marketing of Italian espresso machines, slicers and technical products

from the beginning.

Profitec has developed and manufactured hand-made, high-end semi-automatic espresso machines since the 1990's. Now they have decided to use their know-how to build their own espresso machines and market them under the Profitec name.

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