Proper installations, setting up custom water filtration plans, training and education, even maintenance and repairs—consider it done. Our technicians maintain a response time of 4 hours upon service request.

Preventive Maintenance

From cleaning of coffee spouts to changing of gaskets, our preventive maintenance service guarantees thorough care and prevention to address issues from wear and tear in advance. We can have our technicians do maintenance rounds in 6 months, 12 months, or even 24 months.

Fee starts at PHP 5,500


Is your machine leaking? Is it not dispensing? Why not have our people take a look at it today. With a minimal fee, we can have your machine repaired in lightning quick precision. You can trust our personnel to figure out and resolve complications whether its low water pressure, worn-out gaskets, or more.

Fee starts at PHP 2,100


Be it traditional, super-automatic, or even a high-end prosumer, Manila Coffee Gear can have your equipment cleaned. When it comes to ensuring your machine’s performance, we’re with you every step of the way. We’ll have it close to mint condition in a timely fashion.

Fee available upon request


You're looking to have things run smoothly at once, we get that—which is why our technicians can do onsite or carry-in check-ups to make sure your equipment stays in tip top shape.

Fee starts at PHP 1,000


Here at The Gear, we understand what these machines mean for your business. Having your machine overhauled means we have its entirety disassembled and thoroughly cleaned. We’ll have your equipment go through all the measures required to make sure it’s working like brand new in no time.

Fee starts at PHP 7,500

Trainings | Powered by the Institute for Coffee Excellence

The Gear also offers industry classes that will help you create, build and grow as a specialty coffee professional or enthusiast. By offering courses on master espresso extraction to latte art and milk steaming techniques, our barista trainers can help highlight the true potential of coffee for your business.

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