"Here at The Gear, you don’t just get back to business. You return well-oiled with bells and whistles."



For years, we mastered the art of turning problems into opportunities. With lightning precision, our systematic procedures paved the way for households, offices, restaurants, and coffee connoisseur, to experience improvements in the way they commit to their craft or in how their livelihood operates.


Our company's mission is to help our clients establish their credibility and boost their performance, help them reach long-term profitability and smoother operations at a fraction of the cost, and help cultivate better appreciation for the coffee-making craft.



We're all about embracing challenges, going the extra mile, and developing lightning-quick reflexes for working out effective solutions.


As a professional service provider, we are devoted to service excellence delivered with foolproof conviction.


We strive to form relationships built on trust, commitment, integrity, and a genuine concern for the sustainability of our clients’ trade.


We adhere to an ethical standard and believe in doing good for the whole.



•  Where can I buy your Products?

All our Jura, WMF, and Profitec machines and accessories are housed in our HQ.

Come visit us here at the Manila Coffee Gear Showroom

Sheridan cor Pines St., Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City


•  Can you have your products delivered anywhere in the Philippines?

Yes, our products can be delivered nationwide. Free delivery within Metro Manila, while for those outside, we require the cost and shipping fees to be shouldered by the client.


•  Do you deliver products outside of the Philippines?

Manila Coffee Gear delivers products within the Philippines only. If you’re not from the Philippines, please shoot us an email so we can connect you to our partners abroad.


•  Can I exchange goods purchased?

Goods sold are not refundable. However, if you bring your goods back in a resellable condition within seven (7) days of purchase (Invoice date will be taken) you can have your goods exchanged for something else. Our technicians have to check first if it’s in good condition, without flaws, and has complete accessories.


•  Do you sell spare parts of machines?

Yes, we sell spare parts of Jura, WMF, and Profitec machines.


•  Can I trade-in my old Coffee Machine?

Yes, we do accept trade-in of old machines. That entitles you to 25% off your new machine purchase.


•  Do you issue Warranty Cards for Machines purchased?

Yes, we issue Warranty Cards. We can help look up your Warranty by providing us the Invoice Number and Serial Number.


•  Do you offer rental of machines?

We offer machine rentals for a fixed number of days, while your machines undergo repairs. A Rental Agreement has to be considered.


•  Do you do product demos at your location?

We do maintain a complete and extensive Showroom where demonstrations are performed. We also do demos upon delivery of items.

•  If I need Service for my Machine, what Number do I call?

Please call our landline at (02)938-2595 to 96 or send us a text at +63917-118-1181 to arrange for servicing.


•  My Machine shows “Fill Beans” even there are beans in the hopper?

You can try to adjust the grind setting to a courser size of coffee grind while it simultaneously dispenses coffee, or you can check the beans if it’s good to grind. In most cases, this is not a machine issue and has something to do with the coffee beans you are using instead. Oily, coated or old coffee beans tend to clog the grinder.

It is also possible that an object like a stone or a paper clip is jamming the grinder. Bring your machine to our service center to have your grinder cleared. Please be reminded, clogged grinders do not fall under Warranty.


•  I cannot push in drip tray of my JURA Machine

Try to clean the drip first along with the entire surface of the machine. Then you can insert the drip without the grounds container. Switch it on and make 1 shot of coffee to initialize the brewer. After dispensing, you should return the grounds with the drip tray.


•  What are the service charges for a JURA machine?

Our onsite check-up fee for JURA machines cost PHP 1,700.00. This does not include spare parts and used-up materials. Our fee for onsite repairs is PHP 3,200.00; and for out of town services, we charge PHP 5,000.00.


•  What are the service charges for a WMF machine?

Our onsite check-up fee for WMF machines cost PHP 1,800.00. This does not include spare parts and used-up materials. Our fee for onsite repairs is PHP 3,700.00; and for out of town services, we charge PHP 5,000.00.


•  What are the service charges for a Profitec machine?

Our onsite check-up fee for PROFITEC machines cost PHP 1,800.00. This does not include spare parts and used-up materials. Our fee for onsite repairs is PHP 3,700.00; and for out of town services, we charge PHP 5,000.00.


•  Is there any on-site servicing for JURA/WMF/Profitec Machines?

JURA Machines are serviced best at our headquarters. Here, we conduct onsite servicing including check-ups and repairs.


•  Is there any Warranty on Servicing?

We have a 14-day warranty on servicing and on gaskets. We also have a 3-month warranty for parts above PHP 5,000.00.


•  Are you able to provide a Quotation for the repair of a machine?

Yes, we can. Our policy is to have the Quotation approved first before deploying any technician or giving you the go signal to have your machines sent to us for repair.


•  What Servicing do you provide for JURA/WMF/Profitec Accessories?

We recommend bringing in your accessories to our HQ so our technicians can have it assessed. You can also drop by to see our technicians do demos on proper usage and cleaning of accessories.


If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please send the question to us and we shall answer it soon.

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